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Android Dog Whistles Trainer

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Android Dog Whistles Trainer

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Rating: 3.58/5 (12 votes)


Android Dog Whistle Trainer is FUN and 100% FREE!

????? Awesome! Really works... tried it on my dog and got him to sit and lay but, I never taught him to lay :) excellent app- Robin????? Lmao. Everytime I click it, my puppy lifts her head and tilts it to one side. Gives me a good laugh seeing her reaction - Shontaye????? -My 13 year old can hear it and she hates when I do it...lol. I love messing with her. Hahaha. - Shelbi

? Play over 10 Audio Frequencies specially tuned for animal hearing? No more animal stubborness, these whistles will make sure you pet is always listening? Test Out Different Frequencies to see your pets adorable reaction ? Adorably beautiful HD designed graphics, with a user friendly interface that’s so cute ? Send To Your Friends so they have have fun playing with their pets? Streamlined design for ease of use (KISS Principle) for your Android mobile & tablet? Listen to relaxing music and sound effects or mute them while you play? Now Customized For Tablet Resolution ? Share these frequencies with your Friends on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, YouTube, Google+ and Gmail? Created by one of Australia’s Leading App Development Companies

Android Dog Whistles is one of the best apps to command all the dogs and cats, Its also FUN and 100% FREE

For technical problems or issues (including Google employees) please email us at any time. We are listening to user feedback and we will certainly keep improving features so stay tuned.Androidappsupport@outlook.com

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    After an August 18th update to v0.115.2 of the AR-based Pokémon title, user .NetRoller 3D on the XDA Developers forums reported receiving the unauthorized device error despite running stock Android, and was locked out of the game.

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