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Ultimate BlackJack 3D

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Rank: #34

Ultimate BlackJack 3D

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.58/5 (31 votes)


Engage in a battle against the dealer in this 3D simulation of the classic Black Jack casino card game. Play by the rules of some of the most famous world casinos or create your own. All casinos come with their basic strategy table and if you create your own casino the table is automatically calculated.Rules are highly customizable with addition of some rarely used ones. Learn how to play or sharpen your skills with the built-in basic strategy tutor. Bring your skill to the next level using one of the 15 card counting systems. Special attention was paid to the user interface giving the cards a decent size, no unnecessary buttons to occupy the screen, usage of sensors to make the playing experience even more comfortable.


To add more spice there are 52 achievements waiting to be unlocked (plus earn real-life rewards!) and 3 leaderboards to compare your skills with players around the World. Get social with Papaya or Heyzap social networks. For players who do not thrust the PRNG (pseudo-random number generator) which is built into their phone/tablet (and used for shuffling) here it is, a unique new feature: TRUE RNG ! (the numbers are generated via atmospheric noise)No more crying the dealer cheats ;)


All this and even more, packed in 3D graphics with nice animations, sound and speech and there is a reason why this game is called "Ultimate BlackJack 3D" !

Main features of UBJ3D are:

* highly optimized 3D graphics and animations for lifelike gameplay

* clean and friendly user interface

* text-to-speech (prerecorded and live)

* usage of Accelerometer Sensor, Orientation Sensor and Vibrator

* highly customizable (game rules, user interface, graphics, camera view, sound, speech...)

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