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Trackator Lite

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Trackator Lite

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.80/5 (10 votes)



Trackator is the application that will help you make your outdoor activities, with visual layout information and data needed to optimize it. Trackator can follow your track live, in real time. This way your friends can see the route you are doing, from home, and you will always be located in case of emergency. You will have a record of each independent activity, and you can also define the equipment used in each activity with information on their features and images. During the route you can set waypoints, you can add comments and photos. You can create routes with custom turnpoints competitions. Trackator can import and export tracks and waypoints in gpx , klm and igc format. You can share the competitions file easily via bluetooth, so that competitors do not have to enter all the data in the application. You can share all tracks with your friends, and even send your GPS position so you're located. The permission to send SMS in Trackator only be used to send your position in an emergency, to your contacts, only if you confirm this. In navigation mode Trackator show maps from OpenStreetMaps source. You can store your favorite areas in the memory card, so when you have no internet connection (offline maps).  Also inform you speed, height, distance, distance to waypoint, arrival time, maximum and minimum height, speed, vertical speed, altitude gain altitude, heading, height required, compass ... You can load a track that will guide you to make your route. With Trackator can simulate a route, then do it on the ground. And when you finish your track, you can upload it to Trackalia to have all your tracks stored or to participate in competitions or rating of your club, even official competitions. Share your tracks on Facebook, Twitter and…

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