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The Football Database

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The Football Database

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.18/5 (11 votes)


The Football Database The Football Database is a must-have app for football (soccer) lovers!  It's built to predict future match-results based on historic data; very usefull for betting pools and sports lotteries. It also gives you an overview of all team-to-team matches of the near past. With historic data from 49 competitions, 2.130 clubs and over 179.000 matches literaly at your fingertips, you will be able to amaze your friends in the stadium, the pub or at home. This app does NOT give you live scores or anything like that. There are enough apps in the appstore to do this. No, this app focusses on the historic match results and on a solid prediction of future matches (although no guarantees can be given :-)). The standard version gives you access to ALL national competitions and ALL matches we have data from in these competitions. For some competitions we even have matches from before 1920! If you like the app, you can upgrade The Football Database for a small fee. This way you can get access to international club tournaments and international country tournaments like the Champions League or the World Cup. The Football Database does not require an internet connection. So wether you are in a busy stadium, a dark café, your basement, or even when you’re at the toilet looking for something to do: you can ALWAYS use The Football Database. Have fun!

Complete list of competitions and matches in 3 categories:

--------------------------------------------------- National competitions  --------------------------------------------------- Australia - A league  Belgium - 1e Klasse  Brazil - Serie A  Chile - Primera División  China PR - CSL  Chinese Taipei - Inter City league  Colombia - Primera A  Denmark - Superliga  Egypt - Premier League  England - Premier League  Finland - Veiskkausliiga  France - Ligue 1  Germany - Bundesliga  Greece - Super League  India - I-League  Italy - Serie A  Japan - J…

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