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Smart Silencer

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Rank: #21

Smart Silencer

Android Market link

Price: $.99

Rating: 2.19/5 (16 votes)


Tired of late day phone calls but unable to silent phone due to emergency needs?  Need to silent for a meeting, church, movie or an event for a time duration that turns your ringer back on?  Never forget to turn your ringer back on again!! Smart Silencer is here to save the day!No more interruptions during meetings, important events or just trying to get a good night's sleep.Smart Silencer allows you to select contacts that are able to ring through while all other contacts or non-contact numbers go to silent. This includes phone calls, text messages (optional) and email (optional).  In addition, you may now silent all contacts and override your list of selected contacts. One more feature, you may now turn it on for a duration of time (5 minutes to 12 hours). Then it turns your ringer back on.  All silenced call history, text messages and email messages remain intact.  Smart Silencer may be turned on and off manually or on a configurable time schedule. The status of Smart Silencer can be viewed on the top of your phone at all times (little bell in notification area).Key Features in short:-Setup a list of Ring Contacts that can override silent mode.-Silent ringer/vibrate for calls -Silent ringer/vibrate for text message notifications (optional).-Silent ringer/vibrate for all email message notifications (optional). New in 1.6!!!-Silent ringer/vibrate for all calls, text messages and emails ignoring Ring Contacts list.-Set up a schedule to activate and deactivate at any time if day.-Silent ringer/vibrate for 5 minutes up to 12 hours. Then automatically turns ringer/vibrate back on.  NEW IN 1.7!!The most feature complete and easy to use ringer/vibrate application on the android market.If you like this app please tell your friends. The more that download, the more features.For enhancement ideas, bugs or other application ideas please send…

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