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Shape Fun Lite

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Shape Fun Lite

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.00/5 (3 votes)


Shape Fun Lite is a free introduction app for Shape Fun.Shape Fun is an application to help young children to learn to sort, arrange and size shapes. Shape Fun offers 30 levels (9 levels in Shape Fun Lite), 10 levels (3 levels in Shape Fun Lite) in each of the 3 challenge areas Sort, Assemble and Size with each level building in complexity. When each of the challenges in a level are completed there is an animation using shapes from the challenge. The animation is a fun way to end each challenge and is also used to demonstrate how shapes can be used to create other shapes or how the shapes will be used in more advanced challenges.The Sort area offers 4 colored shapes randomly positioned, which need to be slid onto the matching shape. This area is a digital version of a shape shorter where blocks of various shapes are dropped into the respective hole in the sorter. The Assemble area offers colored shapes which need to be slid inside a large shape. The colored shapes can be of any shape but will when put together fill up the large shape. This area shows how can be made from a combination of various shapes.The Size area offers colored shapes of varying sizes which need to be placed in order, small to large or large to small, beside each other, on top of each other or inside each other. It is expected that a small child would work their way through each of the 3 areas in order, but, a more advanced child could start in whichever area that they like. Level 1 is unlocked in each of the 3 areas, however higher levels are only unlocked when lower levels are completed.

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