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Refine Efficiency Pro

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Refine Efficiency Pro

Price: $0.99

Rating: 2.25/5 (4 votes)


  • cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
  • market history cleaner;
  • task killer;
  • start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
  • browser history cleaner;
  • task scheduling.

Don't you use ATK, Advanced Task Manager, Memory Booster, CacheMate for Root Users, System, Quick App Clean Cache, Startup Manager, Startup Auditor, Market History Manager to increase performance of your device? So look at some Task Manager for how much memory and disk space all your tools use. This app provides you with the most useful features all those tools provide.

Kill Running Apps/Memory Booster

Memory is the most precious resource in your smartphone. Without enough memory your cell phone will become slow. At the moment it happens you can use this function to release necessary memory. "Keep Recent Apps Running" option prevents killing of the last used apps you maybe are working with at present. "Kill Selected"/"Kill All Except" option allows you to customize the action. The app doesn't shutdown system processes like phone which are immediately restarted by OS.

Scheduling of Kill Running Apps/Memory Booster

It’s true that Android OS manages memory allocation yourself. Android OS uses a few limits beyond which begins cleanup of resources for active apps. It causes several issues:

  • If limits are low all the running apps become sluggish;
  • If limits are high your device does not use all the resources it has;
  • Your device becomes sluggish at the moment you use device actively starting some apps or using already running ones. You don’t want to wait until OS has done its job at this moments, of course.

Sure device manufacturer knows the balance point when the first 2 problems affect your device as little as possible. However the algorithm can be refined: don’t wait until the limit,…

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