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Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.50/5 (2 votes)


Personalize your notifications with fun animations and videos!




Pops is a new and exciting way to receive notifications. With Pops you have the option to get stunning animations and videos with every SMS, Email, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Google +, Yahoo Mail, K9 Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Nimbuzz, KakaoTalk and Viber for FREE.




Reviews ?????:




"Android App Of The Week"www.Gizmodo.com




"Pops – Themes For Your Alerts, is a completely original and new way to look at your notifications...Choose any one of the many different animations or videos available to download and instead of that boring little icon, get a delicious blast of notification delight across your screen!"Paul Wilkswww.AndroidTapp.com




"If you're looking to spice up your mobile notifications a bit, you might just want to check out a new Android application called Pops. Pops is a full rework of your Android notifications, and it provides a neat little animation (or user uploaded video) instead of just a ringtone and a new icon in your notification bar. Though this may sound extremely intrusive and annoying, it's really not. That's because Pops only enables these video notifications when your device's screen is off. " Phil Esposito, www.AndroidGuys.com




"Sure, you can have just about any custom sound you can think of for notifications on your device, but one thing you can't easily do is make the alerts themselves a bit more fun to receive. Pops, a new style of alerts for your Android device, does just this by allowing users to have different themes of notifications, they are cool animations that make it a bit…

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