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Create personalized bottles with your names and your friend on your own smartphone- Many cool styles to choose.- Resize your name and change your fonts as you want.- AND FREE.Hope u like and rate for my app.

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  • Android 8.0 Oreo rolling out to LG G6 on Verizon

    As Android P approaches, some users of newer devices still waiting for Oreo are becoming increasingly frustrated. But LG G6 owners on Verizon Wireless are getting some relief: Android 8.0 is rolling out to the device now.

    Update notes are up on Verizon’s website. The update includes Oreo goodness like picture-in-picture for YouTube videos, notification dots, and other tweaks like enhanced fingerprint security.

    Reader screens showing the G6 updating to Android 8.0.

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  • Google Photos gains option to mark photos as favorites

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  • Google Photos is being updated with Favorite and Like buttons

    The ⭐️ is launching this week while the ❤️ is “coming soon.”

    Google Photos is a constantly evolving beast, and this week, it’s being updated with a new feature that’ll allow you to favorite photos you take.

    When looking at a picture you’ve captured, you’ll soon be able to tap a new ⭐️ icon that’ll mark it as a favorite. As you keep tapping that little icon, these photos will automatically populate a new Favorites album that you can browse and share like any other album you’ve created.

    Along with this, Google has another feature that’s “coming soon” that’ll allow you to like photos from other people that are shared with you. When viewing photos a friend/family member has sent to you on Google Photos, tapping the new ❤️ button will show them you like what you see.

    These aren’t huge features, but they are welcome ones that should come in handy. The ability to like photos will make it easy to let people know you’ve seen whatev…

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  • Twitter now uses its own emoji on Android

    Twitter’s Android app looks a little different for many today: the platform now uses its own “Twemoji” emoji set rather than system emoji. The update will have the most effect for users on older Android versions, which lack some newer emoji.

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  • Samsung announces Galaxy A6, A6+, J6, and J8 mid-rangers in India

    The phones come with Infinity Displays, dual cameras, and more.

    Samsung’s launching four new mid-range phones in India, including the Galaxy A6, A6+, J6, and J8.

    Starting first at the A6 and A6+, we got a look at these two phones in late April when Samsung’s Indonesia website quietly listed them without any fanfare. Just like before, the A6 and A6+ both come with Super AMOLED Infinity Displays, with the A6 using a 5.6-inch HD+ screen and the A6+ going up to a 6-inch FHD+ one.

    Both phones have 16MP cameras on the back, but only the A6+ has a secondary 5MP shooter as well. As for front-facing cameras, the A6 has a 16MP sensor while the A6+’s comes in at 24MP.

    The Galaxy A6 uses Samsung’s Exynos 7 processor, 4GB, 32 or 64GB of storage, and a 3,000 mAh battery. Alternatively, the A6+ has the Snapdragon 450, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a 3,500 mAh battery. Both have a metal unibody design, expandable storage up to 256GB, and Android Oreo.

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  • Best Headphones for Oculus Go

    Sound is the key to immersion.

    With the Oculus Go picking up speed, there are some extra things that you might want for a better experience overall. Whether it’s extra battery or better sound, these simple things can add up and really change your immersion. When it comes to sound for VR, it’ll change your entire immersion by having a good set of headphones to hear every little sound. These are the best options for headphones in order to make sure your VR experience is the best.

    Senso Bluetooth Earbuds

    If you’re more of an earbuds type of person when playing VR, then these Senso earbuds are one of the best options out there. With eight hours of battery life and HD High Fidelity sound, these are a great option in order to make sure you are completely immersed into the experience.

    You can pick these up earbuds for your Oculus Go for only $30.

    See at Amazon

    Cowin Over the Ear Bluetooth Headphones

    The Over the Ear Bluetooth headphones by Cowin are a comfy addition to your VR ex…

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