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Out Run Epic

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Out Run Epic

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.78/5 (9 votes)


It’s time to welcome a new app to the epic realm of awesomeness! Out Run Epic is the RUNNING GAME filled with endless running and an insatiable need for speed! Are you ready for this TEMPLE OF RUNNING GAMES!

Imagine this: you’re sitting in the beautiful temple of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s home. Just when you go in for the endless kiss that you’ve been waiting for, an angry parent walks in the door! Boom!! AKA… the king or queen of the castle!! This romantic temple has just turned into an endless nightmare.Your main goal is to escape now and the only way to do that is by running for your life! So what do you do? Do you use a little magic and hope that a nicer parent pops up? Do you run through the back door and hope they don’t chase behind you? Or do you jump through the window and run as fast as you can through the endless streets? Boom!! That’s it!!

Kind of wish you’d stayed home today huh? At least you would have been in your own temple of peace! At least you can’t get caught in your own temple…

Perhaps some of your friends and family can help you become the king or queen of defeating this game though! While they’re at it, they can help you become the king or queen of collecting coins too!

Post your scores so that your Facebook friends and family can see how far you’ve gotten in Out Run Epic! Maybe you can earn a little bit of bragging rights while you’re running past cars, trucks and buses! Then and only then will you become the king or queen of Out Run Epic! Boom! If you out earn your friends and family with…

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