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Learn ABC Magic

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Learn ABC Magic

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Price: $2.00

Rating: 3.44/5 (288 votes)


Identifying /recognizing Letters, writing by tracing letters, and fun games will help your kids learn while having fun. This application is developed with more user friendly interface, and with a cartoon mascot for assistance. A child lock feature is included for preventing kids from unwanted navigation. Full version ‘Learn ABC Magic’ is provided to learn for all A to Z letters, while Free version (Lite) gives access from A to H letters only. Please download free version ‘Learn ABC magic lite’ and satisfy yourself before buying full version. This app is worth buying, and more than what we promised.What kids can do with this app?


1)Reading the English alphabets A to Z in both upper and lower case by identifying its shape and sound.2)Write the alphabets A to Z in both upper and lower cases in proper way /method.3)Memorize the name and shape of each alphabet A to Z, and picture’s that begin with each letter.How to use this application? This application consists of 3 sections 1)Read, 2)Write, and 3)Play and can be accessed these sections directly from the home screen.1)Read: Reading section will introduce the shape and sound of each alphabet with animation in beautiful lush green background with music. Each letter (upper and lower case together) will appear along with pronunciation. Navigation control is provided to move previous and next screens for all letters.2)Write: This session is subdivided into two sections to separate the uppercase and lower case Alphabets. Writing section will reinforce the letter recognition and its sounds apart from introducing the method of writing Alphabets with greater ease and fun. Toddlers will be guided to practice writing by tracing the letters in correct way with finger. The application mascot will guide the kids and show how to write each alphabet in correct way.…

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