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Kids Memory and Maths Trainer

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Kids Memory and Maths Trainer

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.89/5 (9 votes)


Four amazing options for your kid's brain and memory!


Choose the right picture, odd one out, find the match, learn the preschool math, - and all this in one game. Designed with a wonderful graphics - especially for the kids!


Please note: this is a lite version of the game: with four levels opened to try them out before buying the full version through in-app purchase.


There are four challenging modes in this game:


Guess it! The word will be written and pronounced and six pictures will be shown. The task is to choose the right one!


Odd one out Six pics are on the screen: five of them are of one type (i.e., animals, veggies etc) and one is odd. What does not belong here? This is a question!


Find the pair. Six tiles are closed. Tap on one of them, see it once and find two matched pairs.


Math lessons. Elementary math knowledge is brought to your kid in an entertaining way: count the pictures and learn the first numbers (with the pronunciation!)


Skills. Besides math and memory skills this game is an efficient way to develop classification, logic, motor and even spelling and pronunciation skills.There are different types of pictures: numbers and colours, fruit & veg, vehicles, farm animals, shapes, body parts.


What else is cool in that game? Before playing the child will see the example - how to play (once), so there is no chance that the game will be too difficult for even youngest of the kids!For your questions or feedback please contact us at info@edukidsapps.com

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