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Outsmart your smartphone and make it act more like the phones you are used to. Simple and uncomplicated, FastHome delivers a light-weight solution for a home screen replacement. If you are looking for new and cool features, then FastHome is NOT for you. If you are tired of waiting 10, 20, even 30 seconds for your home screen to load, and you don't want to do a factory reset, then FastHome is for you. (This is a problem seen on the Motorola Droid, newer phones may not have this issue). If you don't really want to learn how to use all of the features of your "smart" phone, and all you really want is just to use the phone as a phone was intended, then FastHome is for you. FastHome caches your applications so you dont have to wait for them to load as they sometimes do in the default home or other home replacements.FastHome is not meant to compete with other home screen replacements for Android, such as 91 Panda Home and ADW / ADWLauncher EX. These applications are intended to offer more features. FastHome goes the other direction. Strip out unneeded features to simplify and increase performance. While home screen performance may not be an issue on newer phones, simplicity is always needed. This idea was forged watching people of all ages fumble with their phone or complain about how complex and complicated smart phones are, or specifically Android phones.

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  • Moto Z3 Play: Everything you need to know!

    Motorola packs a punch for round three of the Z Play.

    Motorola’s Moto Z Play line has gone through a lot of changes in the few short years it’s existed. The original Z Play was an excellent alternative to the much more expensive Moto Z and offered tremendous battery life with support to take it even further with Moto Mods.

    The Z2 Play decreased the battery capacity while increasing the price by $50, and this year with the Z3 Play, we’re met with the same 3,000 mAh battery and $499 price tag of its predecessor while also getting dual cameras, a full glass back, and a new on-screen gesture system.

    If your interest has been peaked by the Z3 Play, here’s everything you need to know!

    The latest Moto Z3 Play news

    June 21, 2018 — Pre-orders are open now!

    If you want to be among the first to own the Z3 Play, you can pre-order it now from not only Motorola’s website, but at Best Buy and B&H, too.

    The Z3 Play will set you back $499 at any of the above retailers, but if you’re …

  • Check your email: $5 Play Store credit hitting select inboxes as welcome to Google One

    Last month, Google announced that it would be unifying its storage service under a new name: Google One. The transition from previous plans to better-priced One options was to take place “in the coming months,” and reports of the rollout have been gra…

  • The $600 Arlo Pro 5-camera security system will ensure every corner is covered

    Keep your home safe and secure no matter where you are.

    The Netgear Arlo Pro 5-camera 720p home security system is down to $599.99 on Amazon. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on the 5-camera set since last year, and this same kit usually sells for around $760 to $800. The 6-camera kit is also on sale, down to $650 on Amazon. That’s essentially an extra camera for $50 more if you need more coverage.

    The kit comes with six of the Arlo Pro cameras and the required base station that connects them all together. The cameras are wireless and weather-resistant, so they’re good to use inside or out. They have fast-charging rechargeable batteries. The system can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and more. You get seven days of free cloud recordings, and Arlo has subscription plans for more access.

    See on Amazon

  • Microsoft Launcher beta picks up new family feature, Edge improvements

    Microsoft Launcher continues its focus on family features with the latest beta update.

    Microsoft Launcher is shipping out another new set of features for beta testers to check out on Android. And like other recent updates to the launcher, this one focuses on a new family feature and some smaller tweaks here and there.

    One of the biggest pieces of this update is the ability for parents to now choose which kids to show or hide on the family card. This builds off of the foundation of a relatively new family safety feature Microsoft recently added, which allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ activity on Android phones running launcher, along with Windows PCs and Xbox consoles.

    Other new bits include general improvements to reading news articles in Microsoft Edge, support for multi-turn SMS and calling with Cortana, and more. Here’s a look at all of what’s new:

    Family: parents can show/hide kids in the Family card;
    Improvements to reading news articles with Microsoft Ed…

  • Pre-orders are live for Moto Z3 Play and the newly announced Prime Exclusive G6 Play and Z3 Play

    Motorola has started rolling out its 2018 devices with the G6 and Z3 family. The previously announced Z3 Play (above) is now available for pre-order from Motorola, but there’s also a newly announced Amazon variant of the phone. That one is also up for pre-order along with a new Priem Exclusive G6 Play.

    The Moto Z3 Play has full compatibility with all the existing Moto Mod accessories. In fact, it comes bundled with the standard battery pack mod.

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    Pre-orders are live for Moto Z3 Play and the newly announced Prime Exclusive G6 Play and Z3 Play was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Chase Mobile app adds auto capture for faster check deposits

    A lot of people my age can probably count the number of times they’ve physically visited a banking branch this year on precisely no hands. The advent of mobile banking has pretty much done away with most of the need for ATM visits and in-person check deposits, though some banks have dragged their feet when it comes to implementing some useful features like auto capture. You can go ahead and strike Chase from that list, though. 

    Now instead of having to manually snap a photo of both sides of a check during the deposit process, the Chase app has a new auto capture mode—which can be disabled if you don’t like it.

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    Chase Mobile app adds auto capture for faster check deposits was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • What’s new on Netflix for July 2018

    Comedian Dave Chappelle joins Jerry Seinfeld in the new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, available July 6 on Netflix. (Image credit: Netflix)

    … and what’s leaving in July.

    Is there anything better during the summertime that staying indoors, away from the sun and the heat and the bugs and the sun, and just wasting the days away with Netflix? Because that sounds pretty damn good to me, especially given that we’ve got a new season of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, with a dozen new masters of their craft, including Jerry Lewis, Ellen DeGeneres and Dave Chappelle.

    Need more comedy? Iliza Shlesinger’s new “elder millennial” special — shot on the USS Hornet — brings perspective to relationships and sexual dynamics.

    Plus, ya know, a ton of other great shows you’ve loved over the years, waited to watch, or didn’t know existed. (Seriously, spend some time on the Netflix Originals — you’ll definitely find a gem or two.)


  • Google’s Flutter cross-platform app SDK hits Release Preview 1, leaving beta

    Google’s been teasing Flutter—its cross-platform iOS and Android app-development framework—since 2015. Earlier this year it hit beta at MWC, with a final third production-ready beta landing at this year’s I/O developer conference. As of yesterday, Flutter has hit Release Preview 1, marking further increased confidence in the quality and stability of the framework. 

    If you don’t know what Flutter is, Google has a short video that introduces the subject, but at its simplest Flutter is a cross-platform SDK for app development.

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    Google’s Flutter cross-platform app SDK hits Release Preview 1, leaving beta was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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