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DroidVox - Voice Changer

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Rank: #6

DroidVox - Voice Changer

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Price: $0.99

Rating: 3.24/5 (2304 votes)


DroidVox - Talk like an Android!<p>Transform your voice with DroidVox and let your voice sound like famous robots! DroidVox is a voice recorder and voice changing app for Android phones using vocoder technology.<p>Special introduction price: $0.99<p>Use the live mode or record your voice with your phone's built-in microphone to sound like a robot. Choose among 8 different voice models and modify each effect using the X-Y control field for changing pitch and modulation in real-time.<p>Hear your voice transformed in real-time with headphones or through the phone speaker. Or simply record your voice and play back your altered voice instantly.<p>Save your recording as a ringtone and send it via email or share it directly on facebook or SoundCloud.<p>Get it now and become an Android instantly!<p>DroidVox Features:<br>- 8 voice models: Pitch Shift, Cylon, Dalek, Singing Robot, Vader, HAL, Stephen, Prophet <br>- X-Y control field for modifying pitch and modulation <br>- 3 different modes: real-time, parrot and recording <br>- Real-time mode (with headphones) <br>- Voice recording <br> - Save and email your creations as WAV files <br>- Share your results directly on facebook* or SoundCloud <br>- Save your transformed voice as ringtone <br>- Pitch shifter <br>- Vocoder with real-time FFT spectral analysis <br><p><p>* facebook sharing is a beta feature and is subject to change without notice. Please note that your messages on facebook are hosted publicly on soundcloud.com. Please note also that your direct facebook uploads might be deleted after a certain time.

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