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Doctors prescription

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Rank: #21

Doctors prescription

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Price: Free

Rating: 3.00/5 (25 votes)


A very useful app for doctors. We recommend the use of Stylus for ease of use though it works well using touch.

A doctor's prescription is an advice/order coming from a health care professional prescribing a certain kind of medical treatment for a patient, such as administration of drugs, dietary or behavioral recommendations, medical laboratory tests etc. Prescriptions are usually given in a form of a written order.Usually, a patient makes certain number of consultations to the doctor. Every time the patient makes a visit, the doctor has to write down the current status, health conditions, medicines to be consumed etc. The doctor might have to see the previous prescriptions or record of the patient. But in usual cases, doctors do not keep a record of the patient's previous visits or there are chances for the patient to forget about their older prescriptions. To make things much easier we make use of an app that provides the functionality of a medical prescription in the digital format. Features :- Doctors can easily note down the patient status and medicine details using the stylus in their own handwriting without much effort.By selecting a patient, the details such as Reference number, Name, note, age and gender, previous prescriptions are displayed. The doctor could thus write down in the prescription area under current date.Enter the patient’s reference number to select the patient. If the patient details have been already saved, the name is suggested in the drop down list of the ‘reference number’ bar.The patient's data could be saved as a medical report and the doctor could refer them in future when required.

Multiple prescriptions of the patient are shown as multiple tabs under different dates.The doctor has an option to access a note wherein he could enter all other general details of…

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