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Call Guard

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Call Guard

Android Market link

Price: $1.99

Rating: 2.59/5 (955 votes)


Market link:


With Call Guard you can block incoming calls/sms (text messages) or outgoing calls.

Features in a glance:? Block all calls, block hidden numbers, block calls from callers not in your contact list. Add white and black lists. Delete blocked calls from the log history.? Block outgoing calls - all outgoing, all from your contact list, all not in your contact list, block outgoing based on a black list. Ideal if you leave your device unattended, give it to someone else or have kids and do not want them to use your phone for outgoing calls.? Password protection for the app under settings, useful when you block outgoing calls.? Block all incoming SMS (text messages), block unknown numbers or add a white or black list for SMS. No traces/logs are being left of blocked SMS/text messages in other messaging apps.? Use general settings or add filters for a specific day and/or time.? Filters could be tailored by days of the week, time of the day (start/end hour) and you can also specify if the calls in the filter should be muted or dropped (send to voicemail or pick up/hang up).? The calls are being dropped (busy signal, sent to voice mail or pick up/hang up mode) or muted (discret blocking without the other party knowing that they are being blocked) either via filter or general settings.? Reply with a predefined SMS for all the blocked incoming Calls or Text Messages (filter or general settings).? Delete call log entry for blocked calls.? Keep an in app history for all blocked calls and text messages. ? Easy accesible statistics inside the app for all blocked events.? Notification system for blocked calls/sms - normal notification, sound notification, led and vibration.

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