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101 Pregnancy Safety Tips

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101 Pregnancy Safety Tips

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Congratulations on getting pregnant! Now that you're expecting, what do you do? Use '101 Pregnancy Safety Tips' to get helpful hints to keep you and your baby safe throughout your pregnancy!


Many women have a lot of questions when they discover that they are pregnant. What foods should be avoided? What exercises are safe? When do you have to stop doing certain things? How should you prepare before your first prenatal visit? How do you make sure you are getting the proper nutrition?


Keeping your baby healthy starts long before giving birth – it even starts before conception! This app is packed with advice to help you be a good parent and take care of your and your baby's health.


This app answers those questions and many more. Scroll through tips or search for what's on your mind right now. You can even send the tips to your friends, family, and support team so they'll know too!


While many mothers-to-be may not go in for the first prenatal visit until around the 12th week of pregnancy, you'll likely have questions immediately after you find that you're pregnant! This app contains helpful information to get you on track and doing the right things while you wait for your first doctor visit.


This app is supported by advertisements, but is completely free to use.


Note: while many of the tips in this app come from doctors, nutritionists, and other professionals, we cannot offer medical advice. Use this app along with your doctor's advice, not instead of it!


We hope you have a very safe and healthy pregnancy, and have a healthy baby!

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